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A Few Words About Us

Helping Homeostasis is a new small business that focuses on health and wellness through the use of massage therapy

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

An Idea is Born​

      A Decade and a half ago, I gave my family and friends little massages to work their knots out and help​ them relax after a long day. Many of them told me that I had a knack for it and suggested I go to school so I could get my license and do massage professionally. Unfortunately, circumstances wouldn't let me begin until September 2018, when I started what is now the legacy program at Cortiva Institute. I took and passed the MBLEx on April 26th and on May 1st I completed my last day of school and had finally finished 7 months and 750 hours of training. I received my massage therapist's license on May 17. I could now start doing something I'd been wanting to do for over a decade; start my own business, help support my family, help people feel better and improve their health and wellbeing.

About the Owner - Ruth Galgano, LMT - MA92620


      I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful children. I enjoy researching all the subjects I find interesting and I recently became an entrepreneur by starting my own massage business. You can see how I got into massage in the "An Idea is Born" section. 

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