Our Philosophy

The best way to heal the body is through natural means. When the body is stressed it cannot heal. Massage therapy gives the body permission to relax and thus able to heal itself when injured as well as helping keep the body from getting injured.

A Little About Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been around for several millennia, though it has not always been known as such. The ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians have even used it for relaxation and healing. There are many, many different modalities in massage therapy. Due to the scores of modalities, you can receive massage therapy to help with nearly any ailment though some may require a doctor's release, for your safety, and ours.


Valentines Day is here

Get your loved one a gift certificate for a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. You could also purchase a Gift Card for Hot stone or Body Scrub upgrades. Please Call or Text for Details!


Mobile Massage

Mon: 9am - 6:00pm

Tue: 9am - 6:00pm

Wed: 9am - 6:00pm

Thurs: 9am - 6:00pm

Fri: 11am - 8pm

Sat: 11am - 3:00pm

Sun: Closed

*By Appointment Only

**Maitland Office Opening soon!!**

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